There are several important things if you want to have ski holidays in Russia and the CIS. On this page you can find alle information about travelling to russia.


For entry to Russia it is necessary to get a visa. You can apply a visa in the embassy of Russia in your country. Some agencies do this process for you in return of a small fee.

A visa costs for EU-citizens 35€, if you need your visa very fast 70€.

Invitation and Registration

You need an invitation for a russian visa. You will get it from your hotel or travel company.

Once you have entered Russia you need to register yourself - your hotel will do this for you.

Entry with airplane

Moscow and St. Petersburg have international airports. From there you can fly further to your final destination,


In Russia it is also possible to drive by train. The comfort is not that high but the prices are also.

It is also to possible to enter Russia through Belarus or China by train. Notice that you maybe need additional visa.

Withdraw money

The easiest way to get money in Russia is to take a VISA- or Mastercard with you. Otherwise you have to pay bank or exchange charge.